The Woman in the Blue Dress

There’s a mysterious woman who works on my floor at Greenway Plaza. She wears a blue dress every day.  I’m not quite sure if it’s the same dress or if it’s a variation, but every dress is blue.

I can spot her anywhere. I catch the blue dress walking down the hall.  I see the blue dress hanging from the bathroom stall. I even see the blue dress when I stand in the lobby and I look up!

The other day, I was wondering why she always wears the same color?  Why blue? What does the blue dress have to do with her personality?  I wonder what her co-workers think?

As I entered the restroom, I pondered about the blue dress woman. Seconds later, she walked in behind me. I smiled. She started to talk with me.  She was friendly.  “I work down the hall. My name is Christine,” she said.

I almost asked her about the blue dress but I held myself back.

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  1. Natalie

    Maybe she’s a Monica Lewinsky fan? Ask her where she got it.

  2. Lisa

    Too funny 🙂

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