When to Walk Away From a Prospect

Bad meeting

Have you ever had the gut feeling that after you signed an agreement, the deal will go bad? How many times have you sent a proposal only to find that your prospect goes MIA (missing in action)?

I asked the expert, Tim Healy of Healy Success Solutions what he thinks. He said, “when you have a sales lead, you get excited. there are several steps you should take to make sure your lead is qualified.”

Here are some steps to follow:

Take the emotion out of the selling process — “Don’t let Hopium get in the way,” said Healy.

Look the person in the eye before you even have an agreement and tell them what your terms are. If you get paid upfront, tell them and make sure they hear you. “Ask them if they are good with everything,” said Healy.

Use your gut, said Tim Healy. “If you’ve dealt with a particular group and it didn’t work out in the past, that could be a red flag.”

Don’t give a proposal — Healy says proposals should be done in person. Once you send the proposal via email, you just lost control and you may never hear back. If you must prepare a proposal, make sure to do it in person or via Zoom or Skype.

Make sure there is good communication upfront — If you are having issues from the beginning, Tim Healy says, “it will just continue to decline as you do business with them.”

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