Top 7 Insulting Things People Have Said to Me This Week…

  1. When I walked into White House Black Market the other day, the salesperson asked me if she could help me. I told her I was “just looking.”  She asked, “what are you a size 12?” (I was horrified that she would guess my size especially since I am a 6! Regardless of the size, I don’t think salespeople should guess your size in public.)

  2. I gave a proposal to a potential client for a relatively big project. I quoted him out $20,000 for the project. He called me later in the day and said, “what am I running a fundraiser for the “Hilary Topper” show? I’ll give you $3,000 for the project.” To say the least, I walked away!

  3. I received a letter about an event being held at a local college. The event focused on women business owners.  The letter read, “since you are a woman in business, I thought you would like to attend this important conference.” I wrote back and said, why would I be interested because I”m a woman? The writer said, “yes.”

  4. I ordered a necklace from Tarina Tarantino online. When I got it, it was broken. I returned it and the salespeople told me that since there were strands of hair on the necklace that they were unable to help me. So much for that company!

  5. I was on a plane with Ellen Heydt going to Austin. The captain was talking with us. He asked Ellen if she wanted to sit in his seat, “your mom over here would be proud,” he said. (Mom? At least he didn’t say “Grandma!”)

  6. At SXSW, a woman behind the American Express booth was telling me that they now have a deal with Twitter to offer discounts to consumers. “Do you even have a Twitter Account?” she said to me. I looked at her and thought… ageism?

  7. When I went back to the American Express booth, a young woman was handing out postcards. “What are you giving away?” I asked. “Oh, it’s a live stream of a Jay-Z concert. Do you know who Jay-Z is?” Ummm… Okay, I’m staying away from the American Express booth at the SXSW Conference!!!!


  1. Helene

    OMG…. rough week!

  2. Jeanne Grunert

    Oh #3 is a true classic. I actually got into quite the discussion with a fellow local business person who constantly stops me and says, “You know, you should join the chamber of commerce. You could give your free talks there.” And when I ask him, “Why should I join the chamber” he proceeds to tell me how much I can do for the chamber.  I stop him again and ask, “Okay, you’re saying I should donate my marketing services to the chamber of commerce…and pay them hundreds of dollars per year for the pleasure of doing so. I repeat; tell me 3 reasons why I should join the chamber.” This seems to stump him every time.  He is amazed why I am not jumping at the chance….don’t you just want to beg these folks for one benefit, any benefit, please just give me a real benefit statement? LOL!

  3. Lisa

    Haha oh boy! 

  4. Rob

    Unreal!!! I can’t believe the nerve people have! I would never… 

  5. Ann Middleman

    Hilary, I feel your pain. Some people are just so DUMB!
    A few years ago, we went to Spain. An acquaintance (certainly not a friend) said: Well, you’d better lose some weight because there are no fat people in Spain.
    True story. Not embellished. Obviously, the woman who said it is an IDIOT! So I didn’t take offense. In fact, I told her: I think they’ll take my money.

  6. Ann Middleman

    #2 is just perfect. I once quoted a guy about $3000 for some secondary research, and he said (being from Texas he had a Southern accent): Why, I could send someone to the liberry.
    I wished him luck and hung up. I think I dodged a bullet.

  7. Vivian Leber

    Wow! The Amex women were apalling because they were representing the brand. Did you answer? Turn them in? I recently called a company twice because they had double-billed me and had promised but didn’t credit my card on my first call. I wanted to give them another chance before filing a dispute. As soon as I began explaining the history, the rep scolded, “If you’ll stop talking for a minute, I’ll give you an answer.” She didn’t help resolve it and I filed the dispute.

  8. Anonymous

    Unbelievable, I think people are far more rude these days; speaking and acting before thinking. As far as the #1 sales person goes, was she the typical youngster believing that her looks or figure will never have a flaw? If  this was the case she has one huge eye opener coming 😉 

  9. Lacey

    All of that in just one week?! Geez… I thought I had a rough week but I guess not!

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