Top Food Trucks in New York City

food truck

Whenever I go to New York City, I just want to keep on going. There are times, I just don’t want to stop. There is so much to see and do in the city, I’d rather just get something off a food truck and keep on going…

So, if you’re like me, here are some interesting recommendations for top food trucks in New York City:


Serving up delicious Mexican street food, Calexico has multiple food trucks around the city. You can usually find them in the Village.

The Halal Guys

Famous for their gyro and chicken platters, The Halal Guys have several food trucks around the city, with one usually stationed at 6th and 53rd Street in Manhattan.

Wafels & Dinges

This food truck specializes in Belgian waffles and has a variety of toppings to choose from. They have multiple locations around the city, including Central Park, Bryant Park, and the Financial District.

Big D’s Grub Truck

Offering a fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine, Big D’s Grub Truck can usually be found around West 49th Street.

Korilla BBQ

Another Korean-Mexican fusion truck, Korilla BBQ offers burritos, rice bowls, and tacos. They are located in downtown Brooklyn.


This food truck specializes in ice cream sandwiches, with a variety of cookie and ice cream flavors to choose from. They are located on 5th Avenue.

Taïm Mobile

Offering vegetarian and vegan Middle Eastern cuisine, Taïm Mobile has a truck that can usually be found in the West Village.

Uncle Gussy’s

Serving up delicious Greek food, Uncle Gussy’s has a food truck that can usually be found in Midtown and the Financial District.

These are just a few of the many great food trucks around NYC. If you have a favorite write it below in the comment section. And, keep an eye out for food trucks while exploring the city!