Toy Story 3 Strikes Up Emotions…

Remember when you were a little kid?  You had all your toys around and the world was a place for play and fantasy?

Toy Story 3, brings that all back!  The movie starts off with Andy packing up for college and the whole theme revolves around where the toys should go — to a daycare, to the attic or with Andy to College.

Flashback 10, 20, 30 maybe even 40 years, and you are in the same predicament. What did you do with your toys?

I had tons of Barbie dolls.  I loved Barbie!  My favorite Barbie dolls I kept in a case and I stored them for many years thinking that one day, I would have a girl and I would be able to share with her the joy I received from my dolls.

When I did have a daughter, I was so excited that I gave her my dolls a little too early and she treated them like the children at Sunnyside Day Care treated their toys. (You have to see the movie to know what I mean here.)

But, that was okay.  It still put a smile on my face knowing that my dolls survived one generation and was handed down to another to enjoy for years to come…

Tell me your toy story?


  1. Jmadarash

    I did a few special things with my toys when I was no longer playing with them. At about age 10 I had a big toy sale in my basement and gave all the money I took in that day to Cancer Care. Years later, still holding on to some incredibly special things, like the baby doll my dad brought home from France for me and the beautiful doll coach baby carriage my Grandpa bought for me, as well as assorted other things….my friend and I brought them to Creedmore Psychiatric Center for the children to enjoy. I guess even then, I had a special place in my heart for helping others.
    Fast forward….I took my 2 and a half year old grandson to see Toy Story 3 the other day and it was a wonderful experience, Seeing this terrific movie ….and through his eyes with all the opportunities for a “learning experience” and an emotional experience on so mnay levels, was just amazing…So Hilary- that's my Toy Story story……Joani

    1. Hilary Topper

      thanks so much for sharing your toy story… Love it!

  2. Phill

    saw it last night. i took my 6 year old niece and 7 year old nephew. we all loved it! it was kind of a dark tale, and because my daughter graduated this weekend and will be headed off to college herself, i was actually moved to tears in more than one spot. like when Andy's mom was choked up. amazing how my children can turn an otherwise tough exterior into mush!

    we then took the little ones to a toy store and spent way too much! after that we went home and played army men!!

    1. Hilary Topper

      love it… Great story… Thanks for sharing!

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