Walking over a dead body???

I was in the city the other day and wanted to get my nails done. My staff and I were running an event for one of our clients and I wanted to look polished. For you guys out there to relate, it’s like needing a haircut.

I had 15 minutes in between appointments. I was downtown on 14th street heading toward my second appointment when the sign “NAILS” caught my attention. I smiled to myself and thought if one of the technicians could just paint my nails, I’ll have plenty of time to get to the next appointment.

I headed over to the sign when I saw a group of people gathered around a man who was lying on the ground. They were calling the ambulance and were just waiting. I thought he was dead. He didn’t look like he was breathing.

I noticed that there really was nothing for me to do, so I walked right around the guy and opened the door to the nail salon.

I started to have a panic attack. Did I just walk over a dead body? How can I be so oblivious and self-centered?

I sat down and I asked the technician if the man was alive. “Yes,” she said. “He was drunk and came over this way. I watched him from the glass window. He then fell down and collapsed. I think he had way too much to drink.”

I started to feel a little better. At least the guy wasn’t dead.

As she was polishing my nails I couldn’t help but look out the window. The crowd started to dissipate. An ambulance was there and so were the police. As soon as the police got there, the man miraculously woke up, looked around and ran away. The police didn’t follow. They just stood there and watched.

As a society, are we becoming numb to unusual situations?

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  1. Lori

    Oh boy, that is freaky! I think if you saw that he was seriously hurt, you would have stopped. He must not have looked that bad…

  2. Lisa

    Nothing can stand between you and your favorite OPI nail polish, not even a “dead” body – ha!

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