Wearable Tech Review: Pivotal Living

What would you say if I told you I got a fitness tracker for $12 a month? That’s why I decided to check out the Pivotal Living fitness tracker. I was intrigued with the price and wondered how good it could be.

The first one came in with a dead battery but the company was wonderful to deal with and they sent me another one.

When I took it out of the box, I uploaded the Pivotal Living app on my Android phone (they have one for iPhone as well). It asked me for my stats – birthday, height, weight, etc. The one problem I had was the sliding scale. It’s not 100% accurate and you definitely have to play with it to get the right numbers.

Like many of the other activity trackers, Pivotal Living has a privacy policy that’s extensive.

The activity tracker enables you to share your experience and workouts with friends and teams.

I particularly like the dashboard. It shows the total person in the middle and then round circles are around which includes: sleep, water, active (how long), steps, weight, and calories burned. It’s very easy to read and understand.

20150818_094302_resizedThe actual tracker is set on a plastic wristband. It’s not that flexible and doesn’t fit great if you have a small wrist. If you have a medium sized or large wrist, it looks good and fits right.

They have some interesting features including:

• A stop watch that enables you to track the time you had in the gym or track the time running
• There are reminders to keep you hydrated and track your weight. There are also motivational tips.
• In the settings, you can install coaching notifications to help give you an extra boost. (When you are accountable, you are more motivated to get it done.)

The company, Pivotal Corporation, was founded in 2014. It was founded because of extensive consumer research, which started in 2010 to learn more about what people want from a health and wellness product. Located in Seattle, WA, David Nonovick is the co-founder and CEO, Eli Almo is the co-founder and Chair and Rex Kai Chen is the chief hardware officer.

The product can be found on the Pivotal Living website. It’s priced at $12 a month. The actual device is free.