Wearable Tech at Concerts


Finally, we are starting to see wearable tech at some concerts. When I went to see The Struts at Pier 17 in New York City, Harley-Davidson gave out a wearable tech bracelet that lit up different colors.

Wearable Tech and Concerts

For years, I’ve been reading and talking with various companies about the integration of wearable tech and rock concerts. Some of the companies I’ve spoken with are focused on wearable clothing that lights up with words to the performers’ songs. Other companies I’ve spoken with have clothing that lights up to the beat of the drums.

Harley-Davidson Wearable Tech

WEarable tech bracelet at a concert

When we went to see The Struts, we were given a bracelet. We had to activate by answering a few questions about our demographics and whether or not we liked to ride motorcycles.

Luke Spiller, the lead singer of The Struts, even came out riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Talk about branding!

How did the Bracelets Work?

Once it was activated, the bracelets turned different colors. When everyone was swinging their arms to the music, you saw flashes of color lights in the audience.

I was disappointed by how it worked. It would have been cool if Luke Spiller had the audience do something with the band. Or, if the wristband flashed with a different color to the rhythm of each song.

But, unfortunately, the wristband did not do anything to enhance the concert experience for the user.

What did it do for Harley-Davidson?

The company captured cell phone numbers, demographics, and interest in buying a motorcycle. They expanded their leads.

At the end of the concert, I received a text message saying:

“You guys just went up a few notches in Luke’s cool book…who knew 47% of you are interested in motorcycles! Get some new gear for your next ride.” Then the company provided a link to the site.

I’m not sure how much the bracelets cost Harley-Davidson or if anyone actually provided the company with real data. But I do know that it was a clever move on their part to generate new leads for the company.

I just wished it enhanced the user experience at the concert. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to keep waiting!