Website Review: by Jacqueline Gruber

Website Review: by Jacqueline Gruber

The-Grommet-LogoHaving over 140,000 social media fans and followers and 2.7 million monthly web visits, Jules Pieri, CEO of the website, The Grommet has achieved much success since their 1995 launch. The website has become a place dedicated for finding inventors, entrepreneurs and independent makers that will enhance technology and bring unknown products to the public’s attention.

One of the websites most recent launches is the Mindfulness Tone Necklace designed by Sigmar Berg and Tom Rohrer.  The Mindfulness Tone Necklace is a necklace containing a single note flute that plays 528 Hz which is also known as a “Love Frequency”. Many people believe that this necklace will help bring guidance. Other products released this month include, unique Pool Floats, a Luna Smartwatch, A personalized stamp kit and many more!  When finding a collective product on the site that you are interested in purchasing, on the right side of the screen is where you will find the checkout button.

Some of the bestsellers this year include Flexible Fitness and Travel Shoes known as FitKicks which are the perfect slippers meant for all sorts of fitness activities, A Portable Travel Safe that can be used for all outdoor activities and a Cacoon Hanging Lounger a enclosed hanging chair which provides a comfortable, and cozy hideaway.

When I first heard about The Grommet, I did not quite understand the concept till after I searched for their website. Being a young college student I found The Grommet to be quite entertaining. The uniqueness of the products, made me want to buy everything in the store. I would almost compare The Grommet to an adult toy store. It was one of those stores I did not want to leave because I was having so much fun. I actually emailed my mom a few products hoping to get them for Christmas next year!

The Grommet has no limitations, with 16 different categories to search for you are bound to find something that fits your everyday needs. The site even has a personalized gift collection. One item that was a must have for me is Luckies of London scratch map. I recently came back from Europe, where I spent a year studying and traveling, this map would make the perfect addition for my dorm next year!

Bio: Jacqueline Gruber is an intern at HJMT Public Relations Inc. She attends Marist College where she is a double major in Public Relations and Art History. Her expected graduation date is 2019.