How Are People Living in Seattle Dealing With Coronavirus?

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I had the opportunity of interviewing my friend and teammate, Imei Hsu. Imei lives in Seattle, the epicenter of the Coronavirus (COVID 19). I wanted to find out what it was like for her and for her neighbors.

Imei is a health professional. She is not a doctor. This interview focuses on life in the Seattle epicenter.

If you were wondering how bad the coronavirus is, you should check out the interview below. This is a real interview with someone living in the center of it all. Find out how people are coping and how you can cope if this happens to your community.

YouTube Interview:

Background on Imei:

B. Imei Hsu is a Registered Nurse (Active-Retired) and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State. Her professional interests span Community Health, Mental Health, and Living with Autoimmune Disease. In her spare time, she enjoys training for Ironman races, trail running in ultramarathon distances, and cooking and baking allergen-free and gluten-free food. She lives with her husband and her adorable cat in Redmond, Washington, and is currently riding out the COVID-19 virus in an art loft in Seattle. You can follow her adventures and foibles on Instagram MyAllergyAdvocate, the website of the same name, or check out her counseling website at

Full disclaimer, if you are unsure or have questions about the virus, talk with your physician or go to the CDC website.