Where to Eat in Kyoto, Japan

course 1

Here are the restaurants that I would recommend in Japan.

Ukyo, Kyoto (near the monkey park and bamboo forest)

Kijurou – A Wagyu Restaurant

Waygu outside

The food at this restaurant was excellent if you like beef. You order a lunch box of a different grade of beef. Since I am a filet mignon fan, I ordered the leanest box, and here is what I got. waygu restaurant in Kyoto

Sakyo, Kyoto (near the temples)

This restaurant had these incredible pancakes called Okonomiyaki. Each one had a choice of protein. The pancake was made of vegetables and the protein made it taste absolutely delicious.

pancake and soba noodles

We had shrimp in it. In addition to that, we also had a soba noodle dish with vegetables. What made this a memorable meal was that we were given utensils to flip the pancake and soba noodle dish.

Hilary flipping pancake

Here is the outside of the restaurant:

Outside of the pancake restaurant.

Gion Area of Kyoto

Giro Giro Hitoshina

We had two omakase dinners while in Kyoto. The one I loved was Giro Giro Hitoshina. It was a nine-course meal. The cost was about $100 per person. Here’s what we had:

course 1

Course 2 was more of a pallet cleanser…

palet cleanser

Course 3

course 3

Course 4 – rice course

Course 4

Course 5

Course 6 – Sushi Course

sushi course 6

Course 7 – Miso Soup

course 7

Course 8

course 8

Course 9

Course 9 more soup


ice cream and fruit

Here’s the chef:

Chef at Giro Giro

Make sure to couple your meal with a nice bottle of saki. It just brings out the flavors of the meat and fish! Tanoshimi!