40 Year Old Cavity

Healthy SmileI didn’t get my first cavity until I turned 40.  I went to the dentist once a year to get a cleaning since I was a kid and I never had to go back until the following year.

People would ask me what I was doing to keep such healthy teeth and I really didn’t know.

But since I turned 40, I feel like the cavities are catching up with me.  I just went to the dentist the other day and he found three cavities!  When he started to drill one, he noticed that it went deep into my root and immediately sent me to a doctor who specializes in root canals.

I rush over to him as fast as I could but it still took 30 minutes to get there.  When I entered his office, I was taken immediately.  The dentist was very nice. He explained the procedure every step of the way while my numb mouth felt no pain.

When it was over, I left his office with a root canal, a prescription for pain medication and a goody bag that the receptionist gave me as I was leaving.  “Oh, a present huh?” I asked the receptionists.  She just smiled.

Expecting the usual toothbrush and toothpaste, I opened the bag when I got to my car. In the bag was a pen, a bunch of sticky notes, lip balm and sanitary hand wash.

Hmmm… Okay… Do you find anything strange with that picture?

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  1. Tami Racaniello

    Promotional items with their info? If so, that gets out more than a toothbrush or toothpaste that stays in your bathroom.

  2. Kristie Galvani

    I wish I didn’t get my first cavity until I was 40. I have really soft teeth and have about 14 fillings. I think I got my first cavity when I was like 4 and I use to get a toy 🙂

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