Cablevision Comes Through…

Thank you Cablevision for helping me with my frustration!

After a recent blog post complaining about Cablevision’s customer service department, I received an email from Jim Maiella of Cablevision. He told me he saw my blog and my tweets and wanted to rectify the situation.

I immediately got a call from Robert Van Doran III, who is the Director Optimum Voice Product Development.  He was extremely helpful and provided me with a list of potential numbers I could use for my new office.  He apologized for misinformation, the run around with Cablevision and wanted to make sure that I was happy with the service and the numbers.

None of the other numbers that we received from Cablevision were “business friendly.”  To me, “business friendly” means something easy to remember.

I looked through the list and found the perfect number — 631-393-0220.

Robert called me every step of the way to make sure that everything was in order.  We continued to have some issues but Robert and his team were on call even after business hours.  Thank you Cablevision for helping us through a difficult situation!

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  1. Lisa

    Glad to see a wrong made into a right!

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