New Bilingual LGBT+ Children’s Book Explores Relationships

Pepito has a doll

A new children’s book, which is also bilingual in English and in Spanish, was recently published. The book explores the relationships between children, their gender, and sexuality. In English it’s called, Pepito has a Doll (Pepito Tiene una Muneca in Spanish.)

Pepito Has a Doll

The book is about a child named Pepito who lives with his grandmother. Pepito’s only friend is his doll, Lola. He has no friends and his grandmother tells him that if he brings the doll to school, the other children will make fun of him. So, he hides Lola in his backpack.

One day, a new boy comes to school. His name is Miguel. The two immediately become great friends and Pepito shares Lola with Miguel. The three of them are so happy together.

Then, one day, the other children find out that Pepito has a doll and make fun of him. Miguel stands up to the children and they no longer bother Pepito. Pepito is grateful and gives Miguel a kiss (besito). He gives him four besitos.

The two boys walk hand and hand on their way to school every day following that.

Miguel meets grandma and the four of them dance and sing and live happily ever after.

Sweet Book

Is there a right time to introduce sexuality to a child? When is the right time? Can and should boys play with dolls? Should little boys kiss? There’s a lot of questions and lots of opinions.

But, one thing is for sure, Pepito has a Doll is a sweet book about a child who wants to be happy with his doll and their best friend. It’s a book about being accepted and being who you want to be without guilt or judgement from other people.

The book is written by Jesus Canchola Sanchez with illustrations by Armando Minjarez Monarrez. Both author and illustrator in their bio say they both played with dolls.

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