A Few Quick Tips To Take Your Dessert From Amateur To Expert!


With spring here, you’ll be entertaining more and the makers of Edwards Desserts and Mrs. Smith’s have sent along a few quick tips to take your dessert from amateur to expert without spending the entire day in the kitchen:

How to Slice a Pie

  • Do you ever wonder how bakeries and restaurants can slice up such pristine pieces of pie? Since pie filling is often sticky, it can end up clinging to the sharp edge of the knife, making it nearly impossible to cut out anything but crumbling, dilapidated slivers.
  • To avoid such a mess, start with a sharp chef’s knife, and store both the knife and a pie server in boiling water, thoroughly drying them before cutting into the pie. The water will heat the metal, so as you cut, the knife will slightly dissolve the sugars in the pie, making for a clean break.
  • Try this simple trick: cut two pieces of pie side by side, then use the pie server to scoop out one piece. This allows the slices of pie to be removed more easily. If you’re cutting multiple slices, precut the entire pie before using the pie server to scoop the pieces out of the tin.


Transporting Cream Pie

  • The last ingredient you’d expect to pair with your beautifully baked cream pie is pasta, but just hear us out. Instead of risking a mussed-up whipped cream or meringue topping with a close-fitting cover during transport, stand a few strands of uncooked spaghetti or linguine in the pie and suspend a sheet of plastic wrap over the pasta. Don’t try this with toothpicks, which are likely to sink down into the pie.


Pie Plating Tips

Hershey’s ® Chocolate Crème Pie

  • Garnish with chocolate curls and raspberry or apricot puree
  • Drizzle with white chocolate and crushed Hazel or Macadamia nuts
  • Cover top with sliced strawberries or blueberries
  • Serve with chocolate covered strawberries or dried apricots
  • Sprinkle with Orange zest and sugar coated orange candy wedges

Signature Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie

  • Once the pie is baked, scoop it into ramekins and top with whipped cream and your favorite sprinkles or candies. Try Cool Whip this Easter, with each Mrs. Smith’s purchase, you’ll receive $1 off Cool Whip.
  • Mix in 1 ounce of your favorite liquor (Baileys, Kahlua or Grand Marnier work great!) for every 3 cup of whipped cream and dollop on top of each slice
  • Add a fun design, the Cinnamon Fork: Start with a clean plate and fork. Dust cinnamon over fork. Remove fork and plate pie.

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