Product Review: Mrs. Smith’s Classic Dutch Apple Pie

apple pie

The other day, I went to Smokin’ Al’s in Massapequa.  We ordered a brownie sundae for the table.  When the waitress came to the table, she said, “I’ll tell you a secret, but don’t tell anyone. The brownies in this sundae are not homemade.  They are actually fried Entemann’s Brownie Bites.”

After that, I didn’t even want to try it but everyone at the table were raving about these brownie bites, I had to have one and you know what, it was delicious.  So what that it wasn’t homemade, it was still good.

When the people from Mrs. Smith’s contacted me, I was just as reluctant as when the waitress told me Smokin’ Al’s secret.  I’ve never tasted frozen desserts. Of course, I’ve had ice cream sandwiches and other ice cream products but never a frozen cake or pie that you can buy from the freezer section of your grocery store.

I bought the Classic Dutch Apple Pie and took it home.  When I was ready to serve it to my family, I took it out and put it in the oven for 350 degrees. After an hour of baking, I pulled it out and let it cool down for 30 minutes before serving with Ice Cream to my family.

My family felt it was a little too sweet.  They also didn’t like that the apples were a bit mushy but compared to a store bought fresh apple pie, they thought it compared and was just as good.  If you look at the ingredients, Corn syrup is the second ingredient and you can taste it.  However, the rest of the ingredients were natural. I actually enjoyed the pie and really couldn’t tell if it was homemade or not.

Have you ever bought a frozen pie or dessert?  Let me know your experience.


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