Talking With The Syracuse PRSSA…

I recently went to Syracuse to talk before the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) chapter about my experience working at major public relations and non-profit organizations and my transition to entrepreneurship.

It was a quick trip.  My daughter, Zoey, set the speaking gig up.  She is the Communication’s Director of the chapter.  Her roommate, Noah, picked me up at the Syracuse airport. It was cold.  The day before, my daughter called and told me not to bring my warm winter coat.  Unfortunately, I listened.  So it felt colder than it was.

When we got back to the apartment, I talked with Zoey and her roommates, Kyle, Meg and Noah. After that, Zoey and I took a bus to The Mission, probably one of the best Mexican restaurants I have been to.  The Mission, for those of you not familiar, is situated in the center of town of Syracuse. Before it was a restaurant, it was a church, so when you walk in, it has high cathedral ceilings and stain glass windows.  The food is outrageous and it’s a definite to put on your bucket list when or if you are visiting Syracuse.

After lunch, finding the bus back to her apartment in the freezing cold was a bit of a challenge.  No one seemed to know where the bus stop was.  Good thing Zoey used her instinct and she found it.

We took the bus to the Syracuse store for a “big four” tee shirt and walked back to her apartment where I proceeded to get some work done.

At around 6:30 pm, we headed to Newhouse.  What a beautiful building!  Newhouse currently has two buildings on the Syracuse campus.  The Campus has so much charm. The buildings are modern and architecturally interesting.

We set up the presentation in a new classroom.  There were about 15 people at the session and what I loved about it was that the students were interested in what I was saying and asked astute questions.  I was impressed.  (Sometimes when I speak before college students, no one has any questions and there is no to little interaction.  Here there was a lot of engagement!)

After the event, we drove to the mall (but first had a little situation with another student who felt that Noah, Zoey’s roommate, was a little too close to his car).   We had a relaxing dinner at a Hibachi restaurant and wondered why at every Hibachi restaurant, the chefs have the same exact act.

The day ended with Cold Stone ice cream at the mall and a short drive home.


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