New Accounting Programs for Small Businesses


There is plenty of accounting software for small business on the market, but not all of it is good. However, Billings Pro by Marketcircle has some features that make it a very good choice for busy entrepreneurs. Since most people who are in business aren’t accountants, they require small business software that is simple to use.

This software has the following attractive features:
• an intuitive centralized interface
• informative financial reports
• an easy invoicing system which red-flags overdue accounts

Accounting software for small business has to be complex without overwhelming the user. Billings Pro really excels in this area. The user interface makes it simple to organize the billing procedure around clients, project, and slips. In order to add a client, simply click on the Address Bar. There is plenty of room to add details in the database. This small business software easily grows with the business.

The process of tracking time and organizing projects is a great feature. One of the more difficult parts of accounting for small businesses is made very simple. Projects can be defined with the ability to send invoices as milestones within the work are completed. This pay-as-you-go feature helps keep the money flowing in.

Because billing methods have changed with the Internet, it is good to see small business software that has kept up with the time. Business owners have the option to send their bills by email, fax, as well as by mail.
Billings Pro accounting software really shines when it comes to generating accounting reports. It is easy to understand which projects or products are bringing in the money. Real data like this translates into solid business analysis. Understanding where you are making the most money and which customers or products are draining your businesses resources practically pays for the cost of the software. With 30 criteria to choose from when generating your reports, you can get information fast.

Real users have good things to say about Billings Pro. They have discovered that the software is complex enough to juggle multiple inputs over the same time periods in an easy-to-use way. Since it is capable of organizing large amounts of customer information, users find that they can eliminate the use of multiple platforms and just use this product.

Overall, this is a solid project for small business accounting use. It is easy to use and combines multiple features to great effect.


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