Allbirds Tree Dasher Sneaker Review

Allbird new running shoes

First off, I have to say that when a brand retargets, you tend to buy. I don’t know about you, but I do (which is unfortunate at times). Anyway, Allbirds kept sending me notifications of their new running sneaker and I ended up buying them.

Allbird Tree Dasher Sneaker

allbirds running shoe

The Allbird sneaker claims they are made from trees and that they are sustainable. They are washable and they say they have been thoroughly tested. The upper is made from eucalyptus trees for a fit that is flexible, lightweight, and breathable. They are neutral, light stability shoes with a 7 mm drop from toe to heel.

What I thought

The sneakers arrived within a few days after I placed the order. They had limited colors due to the popularity of the brand, so I chose blue with light blue laces.

These sneakers are labeled running sneakers but they are not suitable for running. They are not suitable for walking long distance either.

However, they are fun, light and good for just knocking around the house or running a quick errand to the supermarket.

Recently, when I was walking around Tanger Outlets in Riverhead, a young woman came up to me and asked if I was wearing Allbirds. I told her I was. I then explained that I wouldn’t buy these for running but for errands, they are perfect. I even think they work for recovery as well.

They are relatively inexpensive for a sneaker, priced at $125.