It Had To Happen Around the Holidays?

With the Christmas holiday approaching, I went to TJ Maxx to buy a few things. As I was walking around, I saw two young girls between the ages of 8 and 10.  They were adorable and they were buying presents for their parents.  As one little girl wheeled the cart, the other picked up items from the shelf and showed them to her sister.

“Do you think Mommy would like this?” she said holding up a lavender candle.

“I don’t know,” said the other girl, “I want to make sure we buy something special for Mommy.”

My heart was melting.  Just watching these children brought a big smile to my face.

When I finished, I went over to the cash register.  They were behind me.

“Do you think Daddy will like a stylis pen for his iPad?” one girl asked the other.

“I think Daddy will love it,” the other girl said.

I walked out of TJ Maxx feeling so good just watching how these young girls loved their parent.

Then as I was eating a burger at Jewel with my friend, Beth Granger from Social Media Association, I heard the news.

“OMG,” she said, “20 children were killed at a school in Connecticut,” she said reading her alert on the AP app on her iPhone.

I couldn’t say anything. I was in shock.  How can anyone do this?  How horrendous!

When we left, I got into my car and cried.  This shouldn’t happen!  How can a young man walk into a school and shoot all these children?

I feel so bad for the victim’s families.  I felt so bad for the entire community.  I even felt bad for the shooter’s family.

Then I started to think that there is way too much “HATE” in this world.  If we can all take the word “HATE” out of our vocabulary and replace it with the word “LOVE,” we would all be in a better place. And maybe, if we all loved, had better access to mental health care and some type of gun control, something like this would not have happened.


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