Help SUteiShi’s Rebuild!

I know way too many people who were impacted by the recent hurricane.  It’s been an unbelievable time and no one should ever have to endure what we have been put through.  To that end, a friend of mine from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Victor Chan has a restaurant near the seaport in Manhattan.  The restaurant was devastated. Since there is no help from the government or anyone else for that matter, he decided to put up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Please consider purchasing a future meal today to help rebuild his restaurant, SUteiShi. Click here to help!

Redeem the full value for a delicious meal after SUteiShi’s Re-Grand Opening!…plus Perks.

SUteiShi needs to raise $50,000 to assist with the cost of this several hundred thousand dollar project.

This SUteiShi will have a fresh new look, better systems to operate faster: SUteiShi will be stronger and better than before. SUteiShi will continue its tradition of excellence with our “Dining Fine” promise which helped it get the 2013 Zagat ratings of 25 Food, 23 Service & 21 Decor and the Michelin Guide Recommendation.

What They Need & What You Get
Your support will go towards rebuilding, new equipment, fixtures and furniture and the re-stocking of the shelves and refrigerators.?The dedicated SUteiShi team is anxiously waiting to come back to provide their excellent and friendly service! You can help make that happen.? They humbly ask for your support to help get SUteiShi get back on its feet! They look forward to rewarding you with the full value of your investment plus extra perks as our way of saying Thank You for believing in SUteiShi!?You will also be helping to bring back the life and vibrancy to the Historic Front Street neighborhood! Your generosity is reaching far beyond this restaurant!



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