And Now A Social Site for Food? Check out Crowd Kitchen…

Like to cook? If so, what if you could share your food with others like you? And, what if they shared their food with you?

Crowd Kitchen is a new social site that enables you to share your meals with others. How? You make a little extra and someone else in your network does the same, then you swap!  It’s as simple as that.

Specifically, it works with “meal coupons.” Initially when you sign up, you are given 10 meal tickets.  Each person determines how many meal tickets their dish is worth.  (Typically, if it costs $12 to prepare, it’s $12 meal coupons.)  You earn meal coupons by giving out dishes.

How do you swap? You arrange to meet people, who may not be friends, in a highly populated places like supermarkets or convenience stores.

The site needs tons of people involved otherwise, if you live in an unpopulated area, you may not be able to share with your neighbors.

Crowdshare is particularly helpful if you are having a “pot luck” dinner.  All your friends can schedule what they are planning to bring so that there is no overlap in dishes.

If you love to cook and you live in a highly populated area, you may want to check this out.



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  1. Lisa Gordon Hjmt

    I’d be nervous about swapping food with someone I didn’t know too well! But, if you needed a system and had a lot of friends that loved to cook – this could be really fun!

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