Ever Shop Via Peapod?

I never shopped at Peapod. But after meeting their PR folks at recent Blogher ’13 conference, I became interested.  They had a prize wheel. I spun it and landed on  a Peapod Gift Bag and chance to win either a $100 giftcard or a Peapod Featured Blogger Package.  All I had to do was write about Peapod.

I decided to reach out to Kristie Galvani, Executive VP of HJMT Public Relations to find out what her take was on Peapod.  I knew she was a frequent user but never asked her about her experience until now.  Here’s what she said:

“With a demanding career and two little kids (3 years and 9 months), finding time to run errands is difficult.I LOVE Peapod. It has helped make my life a little less hard, which is a lot when you have so much going on. Here are the things I LOVE best:

  • CONVIENCE– I can order food whenever and wherever I am. I typically order food at night when the kids are asleep. I use my jumbo list (a list of all past purchases) and go through to see what I need more of. I also check the current special for any good values. I find I can do my food shopping in less then 20 minutes from the comfort of my home and then a day or two later my food is delivered right into my kitchen at a time convenient  to me. I have also used Peapod’s mobile app to order food on the go. I have ordered food on the train on the way to work or even while on a long care ride. I LOVE being able to multitask!


  • SAVE MONEY – When I first started using Peapod, I figured it would cost me a little more but time is money so it was worth it. However, I find that I now spend less money on groceries. I don’t do any impulse shopping and I use Peapod’s value days to get really cheap in home delivery. I give the driver a tip, but it is still less money and I LOVE being able to save money.


  • QUALITY & AVAILABILITY OF FOOD – Surprisingly, the quality of the meats, produce, etc. are the same you would get in a supermarket. I have never been unhappy with anything I have received. I also find them to have a pretty good selection of items. There have been just a handful of items I have not been able to get but they are adding new things all the time which is great. I LOVE being able to get dinner, diapers, and new dish soap from Peapod.

My one complaint, if I have to have one, is that sometimes they are out of stock of an item that I need and it really throws me off. I might have a planned dinner but when they are out of an item I need to complete that meal I need to revise my game plan or run out to the store anyway. It doesn’t happy often and I usually can get around it but like I said, if I had to have one complaint that would be it.

I find there aren’t many brands/products that you are excited to tell the world about, but Peapod is something I am always talking about. When I hear friends in similar situations complain about finding time to grocery shop, I tell them all about Peapod and how much I love it. When my boss asked me to write a little something about Peapod I jumped at the chance. I have been using Peapod for the past 3 years (since my first son was born). I believe I had gotten a postcard in the mail, but can’t quite remember how I found out about them. What I do know is that I plan to use Peapod for many more years to come.

P.S. They also have great deals and savings on their Facebook page. I entered a contest on their page once and won a $100 gift card. Who doesn’t love that?”

After talking with Kristie and learning more about Peapod, I think I’m sold.  So hopefully, I too can win a $100 gift card and if I do, you know I’ll be splitting it with Kristie. Thanks Kristie for helping me out with this story.  I’ll keep you posted.

Do you use Peapod? What’s your experience?


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