And The Kids Grow Up…

my kids with their grandmother

Whenever I look at my friend’s baby, it reminds me of the time when my children were little.  The other night, my husband and I decided to watch videos of our kids when they were three and nine.  Boy, were they cute!

They’re still cute, but when they were little ones they were really cute!  It was fun to listen to what they said and what made them get excited.

My older daughter recently started going out with a young man from her school. When she first told me about him, I was excited for her. But then she told me he lived on the other side of the country, and then I was upset.  What if she leaves me?

Tonight, my son told me that he is going to ask a girl out on a date.  This is his first real date with a girl and although I am proud of him, I’m also sad to see him grow up.

It’s amazing how when you’re a parent, you get such mixed emotions.  When the kids are little, you want them to grow up and when they are grown up, you want them to be little again.  I love that they are both adults now and that we can talk about anything. When they were young, it felt like life would be like this forever, and then one day it seemed, that the kids grew up…


  1. Amanda Marsh

    I watched “Mamma Mia” the other night and couldn't help but tearing up when Meryl Streep sang “Slipping Through My Fingers” (…). Even though I don't have children, it makes me feel slightly guilty that I'll be getting married and leaving home.

  2. Craig Yaris

    My wife and I have been dealing with this a little lately, as well. My kids are 10 and 8, and I'm already beginning to see the move from needy kids to “adolescence”. I'm not enjoying it. I still remember fondly the little hands grabbing mine. The constant smiles. I miss those days. It's nice to see them grow, but sometimes, I long for the little ones I used to have.

  3. PRKristie

    They are such great kids and they are so proud of their mom!!!

    1. hiltop25

      thanks PRKristie! Your little one is very special too!

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