Are we in a race?

Are we in a race? What’s the Hurry?

I drive a lot.  I find myself driving into and out of the city on most days and then back and forth from my Melville office.

I actually love driving in Manhattan.  I feel like driving is a virtual reality video game where you need to weave in and out of the cars in order not to get hit or to hit anyone.

However, I don’t feel the same way about driving on Long Island.  Long Island drivers are either in a big rush to get somewhere or they are driving in slow motion holding up everyone else!  Those “slo mo” people are impossible to pass and it seems to me, that they are an accident waiting to happen!

I like driving in the left lane and I don’t drive slowly. I do get a lot of tailgaters who try to scare me to move right even though I may be excessively over the speed limit.  Where do they want me to go and how much faster will they be going?

Come on, do people really need to go in excess of 80 on the parkways?  Or, on the other hand, do they have to do 50 in the left hand lane?

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  1. Angela Melledy

    I totally agree. If you drive in NYC you need to know how to drive. Not so for LI. I love to drive in the city also. A dear friend who passed away recently used to call driving in NYC Acari. Play on words after Atari. When I get a tailgater in the left lane I slow down. They either back off or pass on the right which is also dangerous. Looks like our driver ed programs on LI are not doing a good job.

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