What’s for Dinner?

Every day, my family or I ask that question and I find it daunting.  I find it so hard to plan.  How do I know what to eat for dinner at 6 am in the morning?

So I asked my friends on Facebook, what they had for dinner and was able to get some good ideas for upcoming dinners… Here’s what they said:

Hilary Topper What did you eat for dinner? I’m always fascinated to see what others eat…

Danielle Lazzaro pot roast (made in the crockpot) with eggnoodles and salad.

Lisa Ritchie dieting: salad, veggies, grilled chicken breast. borrrring

Lori Alexy Peterson penne pasta, sauce aka gravy! and a salad! 🙂

Brad Stern Salad, Grilled pork chops and some macaroni and cheese and tomato mix thing.

Lori King-Kocsis Beef, snow peas, ginger, over rice, egg rolls and fortune cookies!

Jeff Namnum Chicken in a pan with potatoes & carrots, with white rice courtesy of the awesome Mrs. Namnum delicious.

Andrea Parmet Mass Roll your own sushi w/ lox, masago, tamago, tuna salad, cream cheese, scallions, avocado, shredded carrot, sesame seeds, and furikake (rice seasoning) as available options…

Linda-Ann La Rossa Wargo Meatless Monday: eggplant parm and stuffed mushrooms

Mindy Hope Siegel Chinese

Caryn Eve Murray A homemade Quinoa-Gruyere cheese gratin, with a side of mixed-green salad containing sliced pears, goat cheese, beets and walnuts.

Adina Genn Crispy tofu with peas and rice

Wynn Optics Whole wheat pasta with ground turkey meat sauce n dinner rolls! 30 minute meals!!!

Ada Syliva Lopez Oatmeal

Carole Marans Butler Steak and rice.

Ron Teller Spinach knish, whole wheat chicken tortilini and corn

Jeff Morosoff Left over pad tai. And half a tuna sandwich.

Donna Rivera-downey chicken,Rice AND STRING BEANS

Imelda Guardado split pea soup, salad & afterwords cheese & flat-bread with some berries…. yum!

Marianne Beatty Zacharia Pesto Ravioli and salad.

Ray Angelori My homemade chicken soup with carrots, pastina & celery….

Madeline Milstein Silverman Check out David Zelinger’s post from last night – he creates the most amazing dishes, and we were lucky recipients last night – short ribs cooked with the sous vide served with potatoes gratin and steamed broccoli.


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  1. Lisa

    I hate that question too! There are some good suggestions here 🙂

  2. Jfeigelman

    My husband is making Louisiana Gumbo in the crockpot.
    It smells delicious!

  3. Maria Polera

    Scrambled eggs with whatevery veggies I have in refrigerator

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