Are You Still Having Kids?

The other day, I was getting on an elevator and a family of seven was getting off.  There was a mother, father, four young children, the oldest being seven, and a newborn.

The family quickly got off the elevator and I got in.  Wow, I thought, it’s amazing that people are still having large families today!  Most of my friends have either one or two children.  There are some that have three, which I think is a large family!

I was reading an article in USA Today that said that our population is the slowest growing since the 1930’s.   Although the US government reported that the recession “ended in 2009,” the article suggests otherwise.

It is estimated that women today have 1.9 children.  This past year (July 2010 – July 2011), births were down 200,000 from the year before (2008- 2009).

So when I looked at this family of seven, my immediate thoughts were, how can this couple afford to support all these children?  And then I thought, if they can’t give these children a better life than they had, why have them?

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  1. Lisa

    Two kids for me. Don’t ever want to be outnumbered! 

    1. Lkj

      lol, my wife and I have 2 kids, we were out numbered when we had the first, let alone the second. LOL

      1. Lisa

         Hahahaha! Very true, especially if my kids are anything like I was as a child!

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