Homework Over the Vacation? Are You Kidding Me?

Why do teachers give homework assignments over the breaks?  It’s not like they give little projects to keep the students engaged, they always seem to give big time consuming projects during the vacation times and it’s getting a little ridiculous!

I’ve been dealing with this issue now for the past 15 years and it’s starting to get to me.

The kids have a break during Christmas, President’s week, Easter/Passover week and then summer vacation.  This gives parents, like me, very limited time to go away.  I can only get away when my son is off.

So I take advantage of it and often book vacations with my husband to go somewhere different.  I want this time to bond with my family not to sit around and do homework!

We’ve had some wonderful vacations but there’s always the issue of homework that puts a damper on it.

Now, what I don’t understand is, are the teachers working the entire vacation?  It seems that they want the kids to work the entire time.  I looked at my son’s homework and I couldn’t believe it was for a week’s worth of work.  It was a crazy amount of work that they wanted him to accomplish in a week.

Can’t everyone just take a break over the vacations?  Because aren’t vacations a time to recharge your batteries and get yourself geared up to work even harder when you get back?

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  1. angela

    This has been a pet peeve of mine since my kids were in school. I truly believe that there should never be a need for homework. If you can’t teach them what they need to know during the 6 hours you have them, don’t expect me to teach them or them to teach themselves after school or on vacations. I know our schools are not up to par and there are many more distractions in a day since my kids were in school but I can’t image why they need to do so much work at home. They can learn how to use all the new technology in minutes and can memorize the words to a song. What is it that teachers are not getting about teaching and why can some teachers get through and others can’t? Going back many years, I remember an article that complained that teachers are not taught how to teach, but they are taught what to teach. What are our schools missing?

    Sorry, this is my favorite rant.

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

       I love your rants.  You make good points. I’m just frustrated because it always seems like my kid is working constantly. I just want him to have a break once in a while too…

  2. Lisa

    He’s just a devoted student! Even when we take vacations, we are still checking our emails and responding to questions. I guess that’s because we’re devoted too!

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