Billy Joel’s Piano


Billy Joel’s Piano

Back in the late 1990’s, my husband and I attended an auction. (We enjoyed going to auctions in the day!) this one was right around the corner from us at the Malibu Nightclub in Lido Beach, NY.

An ad intrigued us to attend. The ad mentioned that the piano that Billy Joel played during the Piano Man video was up for auction. It was a Baldwin Baby Grand Piano.

As soon as we saw the piano, we fell in love. What a beautiful musical instrument!

We put in a bid and lucky for us, we won. We were now the owner of the Billy Joel Piano Man Video Piano!

We had the perfect spot for the piano, we placed it at the top of the stairs. It fit so neatly there and it resided there for 20 years. Unfortunately, no one played the piano. Neither of my kids had any interest and I was never a piano player. I played the flute in High School Marching Band. My husband played a little but it never got more than five minutes attention at any clip of time.

Since we decided to move out of our home, we decided to put it up for sale. I placed one post on Facebook and a small ad in Craigslist and within a day, the piano was sold.

It was sad seeing it go. The guy who bought it hired a professional piano mover to come and get it out. As they were taking it apart, a flash of that day that we bought it crossed my mind. I hadn’t thought about that day in 20 years. When we won the auction, my husband and I were so incredibly excited. This was the first major purchase we made since buying the house and having it in our house for the last 20 years put a smile on our faces.

The guy who bought it is married and has a child of his own. We know that he will also have a smile on his face and enjoy the piano for the next 20+ years.