Blogger Relations Do’s and Don’ts…


Many brands still don’t understand a blogger’s influence.  They would rather cultivate the relationships with their local media than their local blogger.  But today, bloggers have a lot of leverage.  Just do a search and you will find that most of the search engines have the blogs first even before many web sites.

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts on building blogger relations:

  • Do: Cultivate a relationship with your local and industry bloggers and maintain the relationship.
  • Don’t: Send them a general press release or pitch letter.  Make sure that the pitch specifically targets the individual blogger.
  • Do: Invite them to your events and offer them products for review.  But remember they must disclose the endorsement.
  • Don’t: Invite them to an event and then never follow up.
  • Do: Ask the blogger what he/she likes to write about and what his/her interests are.
  • Don’t: Assume that because the blogger focuses on business the person isn’t interested in reviewing a book or a play. (I write about a lot of different things to make my blog a little more enjoyable and interesting to different readers.)
  • Do: Research on Technorati, Blogcritics and other search engines to find bloggers in your area of expertise.
  • Don’t: Assume that all bloggers are on Cision or any other local media blaster.  Some are and some aren’t, so remember to do your research.
  • Do: Write the pitch with bullets and provide a strong lead.
  • Don’t: Write long winded copy.  This will turn the blogger off and you will be deleted or put in the junk folder going forward.
  • Finally Do: Respond quickly.  Their time is valuable and most often they are not getting paid for their blog, so be sure to respect their time.




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  1. Lisa

    Good tips – bloggers are so influential and important in the world today!

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