Stemp Systems = Great Customer Service…

I keep writing about customer service because I can’t believe how badly some companies treat their customers, let alone their employees! When employees are not being treated the way they should, a prospect will see that immediately.

With HJMT‘s recent move to Melville, we needed to hire a new IT company to wire up the office and upgrade the equipment. After getting several proposals, we decided to go with Stemp Systems in Long Island City.

I met Morris Stemp, the owner, a few years ago.  We belong to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and we were in the same forum group.  (A forum is a small group of business owners who get together monthly to discuss business issues.)

Since our forum group split, I was able to work with Stemp with no conflicts.  The first day, they backed up our server to a Cisco NSS 326. Morris assured me that we didn’t need a full server and that the Nas would save us money and time.  I took his advice and authorized him to make the purchases.

The day of the move, two of his staff members came to the office and worked the entire day making sure that the Apple MacBook Pro and the system was in working order.

The next day, there were a bunch of problems.  My designer’s computer was down. We weren’t getting remote access and my VP’s computer was acting very strange.  Stemp worked us through the problems over the phone but when they saw that they weren’t getting anywhere, they came to our office and stayed there until all the work was in order.

They could have been nasty about the whole situation.  But instead, they were professional and respectful.  Morris Stemp even called me several times to make sure I was happy.  He assured me that he does this with every customer and not just me because he knew me.

There are always problems with IT, but when they are handled as well as Stemp Systems handled them, it’s all okay.  Their patience, dedication and professionalism was much appreciated!


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