Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen

Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen

Have you ever accomplished something in your life that you’re truly proud of? Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration in order to achieve your goals? Season 15 of Hilary Topper on Air is a special one! Hilary’s new book, From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete, published by Meyer and Meyer Sport, has officially been released! The book is her story about overcoming life’s obstacles — from injury and business trouble to grief and loss and everything in between. It chronicles her journey from literally the couch to triathlete. It took her a year and a half to write this book and now it’s time to celebrate its debut. So this season, Hilary is interviewing guests that have had an impact on her journey along the way, and she hopes they will inspire you to get out there and cross that finish line too.

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary speaks with Chris Gannon, CEO and co-founder of Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen – a fresh and bold fast-casual dining experience featuring nutritious fare – about the brand’s beginnings and current expansion. Hear about why he co-founded Bolay and how they give back to the triathlon/endurance sports community. In addition, learn about Hilary’s book signing sponsored by Bolay happening on August 6th at 1 pm at the Boca Raton, FL Barnes & Noble.

About Chris Gannon

Chris Gannon, CEO and co-founder of Bolay (along with his father, Tim Gannon) wanted to do more than simply create a restaurant. He wanted to create a lifestyle brand. Through listening, researching, taste-testing, and experimenting, he sought out the talent and developed the ideas necessary to bring about the boldest, freshest brand in the fast-casual dining market.

About Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen

Founded in Wellington, Florida in 2016, Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen is a build-your-own ‘Bol’ restaurant taking a customizable and modern approach to dining. Created by Outback Steakhouse Co-Founder Tim Gannon and his son Chris Gannon, Bolay provides all the quality and excellence of modern dining through the convenience of a fast-casual concept. Explore crave-able and nutritious menu options that include greens and grains like Forbidden Black Rice and Kale Yeah! Salad, freshly roasted veggies like Balsamic Mushrooms, and savory proteins like Lemon Chicken, Spicy Thai Shrimp, and Asian Sweet Potato Noodles. Bolay’s menu truly has something for everyone who wants to eat better and is on a mission to redefine the fast-casual dining experience. For more information about Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen or to get in touch with Chris, visit