Book Review: Stay Fit for Life by Joshua Kozak

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Book Review: Stay Fit for Life by Joshua Kozak

I don’t know if anyone loves to exercise. I swim, bike and run to clear my head and I do love to do all three but on most days, it’s a struggle to get the workout done. It’s easy to just not do anything at all. But, according to the book, Stay Fit for Life by Joshua Kozak, if you exercise, you will lengthen your life by 7 minutes for “every minute you exercise following the age of 35.”

In his new book, Kozak offers more than 60 functional exercises, targeted workouts and actual fitness programs that you can follow. Many of the exercises in the book target multiple muscle groups.

The author, Joshua Kozak is a leader in the fitness industry. He is a certified ISSA trainer and has been named one of the top 10 trainers on YouTube. His YouTube channel has more than

Stay Fit for Life

380,000 subscribers and 59 million views.

In Stay Fit for Life, Kozak helps the reader identify his/her performance assessment. He has an assessment test and then provides you with a fitness program to correlate with the assessment. You will have a workout routine every day, which is composed of five to ten individual exercises. To figure out how to do each exercise, you can refer to the exercises in the book.

The exercises are clear and easy to follow. The photos are large and they are not your typical “models.” Kozak uses every day people throughout the book so that it’s not intimidating or unrealistic to follow.

I liked the way it was organized and I like the clarity of the photos throughout the book. The book is easy to follow and worthy of a look for your next exercise routine. You can pick it up on Amazon or direct from the publisher, which is