Brand Intimacy – A New Paradigm in Marketing Book Review

brand intimacy
Brand Intimacy – A New Paradigm in Marketing Book Review

Consumers have been intimate with brands since the beginning of time. In the 1920’s consumers were obsessed with the Ford automobile. In the 1990’s, popular brands included Baby Phat and Delia. There is an intimate relationship between brands and consumers.The new book, Brand Intimacy – A New Paradigm in Marketing by Mario Natarelli and Rina Plapler, talks all about it.

The book offers insights into the relationship between brands and marketing, focusing on brands such as Apple, Amazon or Whole Foods to Ben and Jerry’s, Johnson & Johnson and Harley Davidson.

The authors say that brand intimacy drives revenue, profit and longevity. It is divided into three sections — Context and Understanding, Theory and Model and Methods and Practice. “Intimate brands are proven to outperform both the S&P and Fortune 500 indices in both revenue and profit,” the authors say.

What I liked about the book was its comparisons to psychology, because that’s what it’s all about. People love brands for psychological reasons, not just for need or want. In one of the findings, the authors say, “Intimacy takes time. It requires that you build trust, interaction, commitment and ultimately, being co-identified.” You can compare brands to personal relationships.

Brand Intimacy took the authors seven years to write and when you’re reading the book, you can see why! Packed with some powerful information and explanations about brands and intimacy, this book is worth the read.

Before reading this book, I often wondered what the attraction for so many people are when it comes to brands. I look at my family and friends on social and watch them promoting, endorsing and loving certain brands and sharing that with the world and I often wonder why they are doing this, what’s in it for them? And, this book reinforces the reasons.

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