Marketing Software is Key to Success


The use of marketing software in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing is essential for success. Company sales cycles, marketing and sales alignment strategies, and overall ROI depend on the information provided by such software. Using marketing software to manage the timing, focus and content of marketing messages in response to the behaviors and actions of prospective buyers increases overall company efficiency and the number of qualified leads.

Need for Automated Marketing Software

To manage leads, it is important to respond individually to each prospect. However, the overwhelming volume of most marketing campaigns makes it impossible to identify and respond manually to every sign of customer interest. Marketing software is an efficient, cost effective solution, with its targeting of prospective and current customers with the appropriate message at the right time.

Specialized software can help identify where a customer is positioned in the buying process, and what is of interest to them. The software can automatically determine whether a buyer is ready for a call from the sales team, or whether more high value content is needed until stronger buying signals are detected. Such an individualized approach can only be accomplished efficiently with the use of customized marketing software.

Benefits of Using Marketing Software

Using appropriate marketing software simplifies the dissemination of information and lead generation of customers. The selling process is more productive because it is easier for potential customers to make their purchases. Here are main benefits to be expected from the use of such software:

  • Strongest leads and prospects will be identified
  • Leads will be nurtured by being sent additional information and opportunities for engagement
  • Data capture forms will help obtain contact information for leads
  • Marketing, lead management and delivery costs are reduced
  • Contact with potential customers can be easily customized
  • Improved integration of campaigns with all social media platforms
  • Improved customer relations management
  • Streamlined event management and invitation planning
  • Data rich web analytics and visitor tracking information
  • Reduced sales cycles based on action to qualified leads

Key Features of Marketing Software

A truly useful automated marketing software platform provides at least the following four key features:

  • An email marketing strategy designed to achieve B2B marketing goals, using leading edge technologies to execute, deliver, track and manage the marketing campaign
  • Lead capture solutions which will gather information from web forms and process that information to identify viable leads
  • Alerts to the sales team when lead scoring approaches have identified high value prospects visiting the website, providing information helpful in converting the leads into opportunities
  • Website visitor tracking and mapping information which provides geographic identification of web visitors, to assist in planning for local events or store activity

Choosing a Marketing Software Provider

Excellent technology is at the top of the selection criteria for evaluating marketing software from any vendor. References, peer reviews and a trial implementation can help identify the appropriate software provider. Also, check if the vendor offers support to help a company make the transition to such a state of the art approach to marketing. The right vendor will provide an industry perspective to solving unique company requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

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