Cold Stone Creamery I Can’t Get Enough…

Cold Stone Ice CreamI have a very hard time saying no when I hear, “do you want Cold Stone?”

I love Cold Stone. It’s crazy how much I love this ice cream.  We used to have a franchise in my home town but they closed shop after a year or so of being in business.  Now the only Cold Stone Creamery is located about a half hour a way.

Does that stop me from going?  Absolutely not.  If I get a craving for Cold Stone, I’m out the door traveling to get some cake batter ice cream with cookie dough.

Yes, I know it is a million calories.  So what I try to do is work it off by working even harder when I go to the gym.  But in the meantime, I continue to travel to get some.

It’s funny both my kids love it too.  When I was in Arizona a couple of weeks ago on a family vacation, every where we turned was another Cold Stone Creamery.  We learned that Cold Stone was born here in Arizona.

It was so funny to see Cold Stone at the sports arena too.

When we went to Sedona, we googled the location of the Cold Stone and found that it was on Highway 89A.  We drove up and down looking for it.  We couldn’t find it.  I even looked on the map and couldn’t figure it out until I asked one of the merchants in town.  She told me that it was located in the Hyatt Hotel’s merchant area.

We turned up to the Hyatt.  We couldn’t believe that it was so hidden.  There were no signs.  When we got to the merchant area, we saw a sign.  My heart raced.  I was thrilled that it was really here and it was still open at 8 pm.

When we walked in Bill Barnes, Manager of the Sedona store greeted us at the door and helped serve us.  He was particularly nice.  I was so glad that we went there and saw him do magic tricks with the ice cream that were rather silly but fun.

“How can they hide you up here?” I asked him.

“Well, there are four other ice cream stores in town,” he said.

“But you are Cold Stone and there is no other,” I said.

He smiled and handed me my ice cream. I smiled and walked away.

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  1. Lisa

    Ha! You definitely do love your Cold Stone. I love it too 🙂

  2. Kristie Galvani

    I love it too! And this picture made me want some. P.S. Sounds like good customer service. 

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      Unfortunately, I always want some… I think I need to join ICA (ice cream anonymous) 

    2. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      Unfortunately, I always want some… I think I need to join ICA (ice cream anonymous) 

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