Crystal RX by Colleen McCann

crystal rx

I never really thought much about crystals until I read the book, Crystal RX – Daily Rituals for Cultivating Calm, Achieving your Goals, and Rocking your Inner Gem Boss by Colleen McCann.

The book arrived at my office unsolicited but I decided to delve in because it piqued my interest.

Read on and see how you can get a copy free too! 

As I get older, I guess I’m becoming more spiritual and the book interested me. 

The book starts off with the author going into her first crystal shop and getting drawn to various crystals. The shop owner, who later became one of her mentors, explained what each one meant and they were spot on with what she was currently going through in her life. After that, she got hooked. 

So how do you go about choosing crystals? Colleen says they, “choose you.” She says, “what mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical issues would you like to address right now?” and then, determine your budget because you can end up spending a lot on bigger more expensive pieces.

In addition to explaining the meaning of various crystals, McCann includes interviews with key members of the “crystal” community. 

She talks about crystal pairings, crystals and the zodiac and more. I was particularly interested in her section on various crystals and their meaning. 

I was particularly drawn to the Agate to help “weather any storm,” and these days, it seems like I get lots of storms coming! 

The green aventurine was one I need to get to draw in financial abundance and I was also drawn to, the Red Jasper, AKA, “the triathlete.” This is the stone for endurance. She writes, “train for a marathon with a piece of red jasper in your sports bra.”

After reading Crystal RX, I became interested in going to a crystal store. I asked my husband if he knew of any. He said, “maybe in Rockville Centre.” I was just about to look it up when I was taking my son home from the train station in Merrick and found that a new crystal store was opening on Merrick Avenue. Coincidence? Hmmm…. I guess something is telling me to go to that store! 

Write your thoughts below and you can win a free copy of Crystal RX! If there is more than one person, I’ll draw from a hat! Good luck. (P.S. If you don’t win, you can always pick the book up at Amazon or at Harper Collins!)