Alex2e Half Grown Album Review

Half Grown Album Cover

If you like powerful songs that will keep your head bopping, then you will love Alex2e’s new album, Half Grown!

I met Alex at a Sofar Sounds LI event in Port Washington. I was so impressed with him that I mentioned him on this blog. He recently reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in listening to his new digital album. How could I say no? 

Well, I’m glad I said “yes,” because this album is hot! Half Grown has five songs on it and one is better than the next.

Alex2e’s music is a cross between classic folk rock and Indie music. He has a soothing voice which makes you want to keep listening. 

The songs are deep. When I typically listen to music, I listen to the sound of the artists voice and the rhythm of the music before I make a determination as to whether or not I am enjoying it. On Alex2e’s new album, you want to hear the words. You want to try to understand what he’s talking about and yet, you tend to listen as if he was talking to you.

For example, Wake Up, the first song on his album, he sings, “help me wake up from this dream.” How many times have you felt as if you were stuck in a dream and wanted to wake up?

The next song, “Shackles,” is about taking off the chains that you have and remove them because it’s not too late to try anything. 

“Doubtful,” the third song seems to be about a breakup. The line, “somethings that scare you most are your best attraction,” appears in the fourth song, “Carry You.” I love the line, “you carry me, I’ll carry you…”

His big hit on the album is the last song, “Bring Out the Ghost.” It starts with almost a dream like melody. During the chorus, Alex2e sings, “Surround yourself with those who believe the truth. Bring out the Ghost to see the light. Monsters will keep you up at night. Don’t let those monsters sing out this song too… “

I love this album. I could find myself listening to it over and over again.

Alex2e is a talented new artist and I’m sure, if he continues with his path, will become huge one day… but until then, go out and get his new mp3 on iTunes and enjoy!