Dr. Numb is Here To Save the Day

Dr Numb

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Channukah and Christmas are here, accidents will happen. Between getting pricked by hanging an ornament or getting burned by a candle, there’s one thing you will need and that’s Dr. Numb, a new Canadian product that is here to save the day.

Dr. Numb has three different products they recently sent me for review — Dr. Numb 5% Lidocaine Cream, Dr. Numb 4% Lidocaine Foam Soap and Dr. Numb’s 4% topical anesthetic cream.

You can use these products on cuts, bruises, burns and more. They are also recommended using before or after waxing, tattoos and/or sunburns. Dr. Numb actually numbs the area so that you can heal quickly without the discomfort of pain.

According to the website:

“Topical lidocaine preparation produces anesthesia by inhibiting/ blocking conduction in the peripheral nerves to prevent pain signal propagation. The following takes place after applying Dr. Numb®:”

15 – 20 minutes: The onset of numbness begins at this point and is starting to spread out in the target area.
45 – 60 minutes: The numbness has infiltrated the entire target area. The loss of sensation in the superficial layer prevents any feeling of pain or discomfort. 
60 – 90 minutes: The peak of numbing effect. Any pain, itch or discomfort should not be felt because the efficacy is at its highest.
90 – 120 minutes: The duration of maximum numbing effect is approximately sustained up to this point.
120 – 180 minutes: The numbing effect will gradually diminish. Re-application is highly recommended for another extended period of time.

I made the mistake of using the product on muscle soreness. It does not work for that. However, according to the materials, it does work on bruises and abrasions. 

To buy Dr. Numb, you can order it online at https://www.drnumb.com/