Fairy Tale Wedding in Connecticut


When we got the invitation to my friend, Madeline’s daughter’s wedding, I was excited. My husband and I had been there when she gave birth to Michelle, 29 years ago, so it was particularly emotional. 

We arrived in Connecticut about 2 hours after our departure from Long Island and saw an old castle looking place, nestled in the woods. It almost looked like Belle’s castle.

Within 15 – 20 minutes after we arrived, we were told to go outside. I was glad I kept my coat! It was chilly! However, blankets were offered along with hand warmers. They definitely helped.

The Wedding started and everyone came down the aisle. When it was time for the bride to come, a horse drawn carriage pulled up and the bride came out. It was like a true fairy tale wedding!

When the wedding ceremony was finished, the bride and groom got in the carriage and rode off. The next time we saw them was at the reception.

The whole event was magical! The reception was special too. They had horse and buggy rides for the guests, which of course, I took advantage of! Caricatures for all the guests and to top off the incredible evening, they had Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Cakes in all different flavors (you got to choose one or all if you wanted). I chose cookie dough with Oreo cookie. (I know, I’m on a diet but I couldn’t resist.)

The bride and groom had a special heart ice cream cake with two doves on it. It was so elegant!

What an incredible wedding and a perfect evening!