Find Out What Happened When I Ran Around the Neighborhood

running around the neighborhood

Find out what happened when I ran around the neighborhood…

It was the first sunny, relatively warm day since the fall. I decided to go out mid-day for a three mile run around the neighborhood. The run was uneventful until I approached my home. I saw a white station wagon following me. I stopped and looked.

“What is that person looking at? Is she following me?” I said to myself.

She was following me. She stopped the car and said, “I noticed that you’re into fitness. I want to give you my card and a sample of a new drink that will help you lose weight. I lost 36 pounds on this diet and I know you can too.”

I was horrified. Here I was running and this woman stops me because I look like I could lose weight?

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  1. imei

    How rude of that saleswoman! All she viewed you as was a potential sale, and if she lives in the same neighborhood, she is only estranging herself from others with these tactics.

    Strangely, I have had people in restaurants and in sales offer me weight loss products and weight loss foods and options. Even when I was horribly underweight and visibly gaunt from Celiac Disease, I am just someone’s potential sale. Terrible.

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