Funny Things Always Happen in Business

UnknownThere are funny things all around us. Since we are so wrapped up in ourselves, we can’t enjoy the humor.

The other day, I was meeting with a new business prospect who I knew on LinkedIn. We met at the Sweet Hollow Diner in Melville. I sat down first. The old man behind the counter was not happy that I was sitting but I told him that my lunch appointment was right behind me.

I was seated in a booth and within a few minutes, the man walked in. I waved and he smiled. He walked toward me, I stood up, shook his hand and the two of us sat down.

We both placed our order and we were talking about things we had in common, like running. When I was finished with my sandwich, I didn’t push it aside as I normally do, I just left it in front of me.

Suddenly, a woman dressed in a suit, walked over to our table and took my plate. I looked at my prospect. “Was that a customer?” I asked. He told me he thought the same thing. We laughed and went on with our conversation.

The other morning, I noticed I had a message on my phone. I listened to the message but didn’t recognize the phone number.

“Hi, this is Joanne calling,” the woman on the Voice message said. “I already called Kristie but I wanted to tell you that I have pink eye. I can’t open my eye at all. It’s crusty and feels horrible.”

I continued listening, but I kept thinking who is this? I don’t know a Joanne and why would I care if she had pink eye. It didn’t make any sense. “I’m going to the doctor,” she continued. (Okay, so what?)

“And, I need to take a half day today,” she went on. That’s when I realized who it actually was. And yes, I was concerned that she had pink eye, but if it was Joanne, I couldn’t care less…

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  1. Lisa

    So confused! ha!

  2. Steven Pofcher

    Did she wrap the sandwich to go for you?

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