So Glad Election Day Arrived!

ElectionThis is the first year that this whole election process really bothers me. I drove to Kohl’s the other day in Oceanside and there were hundreds of signs from both parties. On the signs, there were no message just names.

It was upsetting to me. It looked terrible with every other sign from a different party and it was distracting!

In addition to all the signs, this year, I have had more junk mail thrown on my porch and every morning I open my front door have to bend down and throw out the materials.

The election campaign kicked off this year with a phone call from a local politician in my hometown. She told me she had to raise $100,000. I was shocked. A hundred thousand dollars, I asked her. (What would she be spending all that money on? Signs? I know that signs and flyers don’t cost that much!)

She told me that she was counting on me. I really wasn’t sure why. I didn’t really know her. I figured I would give a $25 donation. When I got the solicitation letter from her staff, the lowest amount was $500 up to $5000.

Another negative experience I had with politics happened when I helped a guy in Nassau County run for his high level seat in the county. My team and I did all this free work for him. We made flyers, brochures, HTML emails, publicity and more.

Do you know what happened? He got into office and didn’t pick up my phone calls or emails and didn’t know who I was. But during the campaign, we were “best friends.”

This isn’t even a presidential campaign year. Next year, I will understand all the “propaganda” that is out there but this year?

Am I the only one to think this way? Love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Angela

    Now you’ve hit a nerve with me. Unfortunately we get what we deserve as voters. We don’t really pay attention to who is running. We vote by ethnicity, height, looks, gender. All the wrong things. We complain about ads on TV and signs in the street but those are what work because we are too dumb or lazy to look any further. We don’t listen to debates or ask questions. Most of us don’t even vote. It’s really too much trouble.

    If we were a thinking intelligent society we would do away with all fundraising and give each candidate an hour of free time on TV to tell us what their record and platform is. Then we could rationally choose based on our beliefs. This would do away with buying politicians. There would be no money involved. We are losing our country and we are more worried about having the best and largest TV, ipads and all the toys we distract ourselves with. We need to grow up and stop the insanity

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      Way to go Angela!  Thanks for sharing your views!!!!

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