Glasslandia Episode 5 – “Yucatan Shrimp Taco”

This is truly my favorite episode of all the Glasslandia episodes.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do… Thanks in advance for watching!

Episode 5 focused on Hilary’s recent trip to Fort Myers Sanibel and her adventures while there! Here’s some behind-the-scenes insight for your enjoyment.

Lisa “The Rock”:
This week’s episode is your reality show debut (well, at least when we get to see you on camera and not just hear your voice.) What did you think?
I wish I had lost about 100 pounds and I need to stop doodling and playing with my hair, but otherwise it was a lot of fun!

Were you surprised Hilary went parasailing?
I actually wasn’t surprised Hil went parasailing. Hilary is adventurous. She does things that I would never have the guts to do.

Is the plan the travel PR firm created for their client something similar to what HJMT does for their clients?
Absolutely. We love coming up with unique and effective campaigns to put our clients in the spotlight. I thought this plan was pretty ingenious and wish I had thought of it!

Are you in next week’s episode?
I’m excited for next week’s episode, I heard I have a few bloopers in there that are bound to make you smile.

Hilary “The CEO & Google Glass Explorer”:
Are you still planning to go to New Orleans for the half marathon?
I would love to go to New Orleans. Actually one of the Explorers, Loki, that I went to Fort Myers Sanibel with lives there and I would love to see him again. But I don’t think we’re going to do it this year.

How often do you run with Marti?
We run once a week.

Who were you speaking in front of? Do you enjoy talking in front of groups?
The Long Island Job Seekers Group, which is a great group of people. They are all former executives at large companies and have been displaced. I’ve never met a smarter group of people!

When did you go to Ft. Myers Sanibel?
In early September.

What did you think of the #FindYourIsland marketing/PR/SM campaign?
MMGY Group had a brilliant idea and I am so proud to be part of the program.

Did you like all of the #FindYourIsland challenges? What was your favorite one?
I loved all the challenges. I didn’t know if I would. I didn’t think I would like the Edison Ford Estate, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was fascinating. Edison was incredibly brilliant and so ahead of his time. He would have invented Google Glass if he was still alive!

What made you decide to go parasailing? Are you happy you did it?
It was a last minute decision. I wasn’t going until I saw Eva Smith’s face. She was glowing when she came down from the parasail. So I changed my mind and I’m glad I did.

What will see on next week’s final episode?
Next week will be the best episode yet. It’s our “Making of” episode and it has all the bloopers and funny moments in it. You’ll be on the floor laughing! I surely was!

Kristie “The Skeptic”:
Do you guys often each lunch together during meetings?
We do. Multi-Tasking is quite common here at HJMT. Ordering lunch in during staff meetings is a nice treat for the staff and a great way to get things done while everyone fills their tummies.

Were you scared of the cheese on the pizza?
Ha Ha. When I got the first draft from the producer I was really nervous to watch it. Thankfully there were no more cheese incidents for me to live down.

Do you think a season 2 is coming?
Not sure. It would be great to film another season. Glasslandia was a blast. Not only was it a great marketing opportunity for HJMT, I also think it was great team building for our staff. We all got to know each other even better, along with the rest of the world 🙂

Elizabeth “The Diplomat”:
What did you think of Hilary talking about the Yucatan shrimp taco?
While she was telling the story, I kept thinking of how tough it must’ve been! I honestly wasn’t surprised at her win in that particular challenge. She is a better cook than she gives herself credit for. I tried her chicken parmigiana and it was delicious, so it was no wonder that her Yucatan shrimp taco was the best!

Mary “The New Girl”:
What would have been your favorite #FindYourIsland challenge?
My favorite #FindYourIsland challenge would have been the Yucatan Shrimp Tacos. I love to cook and I’ve never done a cooking competition, but watching Hilary do the challenge made me think that I might have a shot at winning one!

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    I personally loved this episode. The view from the parasail was amazing! I felt your sense of freedom 🙂 Great job to all of you at HJMT!

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