Having a Bad Day? How to Change That…

lucky pig
One weekend, a few weeks ago, proved to be quite challenging for me.
Initially, I had to contend with a flat tire – an unexpected hiccup in my day. Following that, I bit down on something and, much to my dismay, my dental cap fell out.
As if these inconveniences weren’t enough, a tropical storm swept through Long Island, bringing along 20 mph winds and heavy rain. Unfortunately, the timing of this storm coincided with the Ironman event I was set to participate in. And, I ended up not doing it.
Upon my son’s return from Nashville, tensions were high as he and my husband found themselves in a dispute. To add to the emotionally taxing weekend, I also found myself in a disagreement with a family member.
It seemed as though it was one thing after another, turning what should have been a relaxing weekend into a series of unfortunate events.
So, I googled ways in which to change bad luck into good luck. This is what I found:

Focus on Positives

Instead of dwelling on negative outcomes, try to find positive aspects in every situation. This can help you develop a more optimistic perspective and attract more positive experiences.

Be Proactive

Lucky people don’t just sit around waiting for good fortune to come their way. They take constructive steps to prevent future misfortunes and seize opportunities when they arise.

Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui suggests that the arrangement and appearance of your home, especially the front entrance, can influence your luck. Consider making changes to your living space to attract positive energy.


Everyone experiences setbacks and failures. What distinguishes “lucky” people is their ability to bounce back from adversity and turn bad luck into good. Adopt a resilient attitude in the face of challenges.

Take Calculated Risks

Both taking disproportionate risks and avoiding risks altogether can lead to bad luck. The key is to take calculated risks that are commensurate with the potential rewards.

Get Rid of Negative Energy

Practices like burning incense, meditating, or decluttering your space can help eliminate negative energy and create a more positive environment.
Remember, the concept of “luck” can be largely subjective. Often, it’s not about changing the circumstances that come our way, but rather about changing how we perceive and respond to those circumstances.