On Being Positive…

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I love meeting positive people. When I meet them, I can feel their aura, their positive energy.

Unfortunately, there are not many of these positive people. I remember growing up, my mother used to call these people “polyanna’s” or “phonies.” She used to tell me that they had their head in the clouds and didn’t see what was really happening.

But I beg to differ. I try to find these positive people and surround myself with them. They make me feel good.

The other day, I was sitting in the nail salon. There were two women talking about everything negative in their lives. They complained about everything. To them, life was miserable and wasn’t getting any better.

I felt sorry for them. I felt bad that they couldn’t see the positive things in their lives. They were sitting in the nail salon getting a manicure. So could life be that bad?

I wrote a blog post after the slaughter in Newton, Connecticut. In the post, I talked about “hate” and how way too many of us have “hate” in our hearts. But, if we all really tried to change, if we really tried to change and put “love” in our hearts, the world really would be a different place.

Think about it.