How Social Media Makes the World Small…

I first met Greg Sleter when he was the editor of the Long Beach Herald in the early 1990’s.  I had just started my business and would talk with him about clients who lived or worked in Long Beach.  We developed a good working relationship.

A few years later, I lost track of him.  I hadn’t heard from him or about him for years after that.

Then one day when I was on Twitter, I got a message from him. I was so excited.  We reconnected and have been friends ever since.

I have so many stories like that.  I had an assistant at one of my earliest jobs at a non-profit organization.  She was 40 when she retired.  (Could you imagine? I think I’ll be 80 when I retire!) She moved down to St. John’s because her and her husband owned land there. Just recently we reconnected on Facebook.  After more than 20 years, she still looks exactly the same! It’s been so good to reconnect.

Tell me a story of when you reconnected with someone on a social networking site….

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  1. Lisa

    Facebook makes the world small again 🙂

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