I Met the Owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks

My family and I were at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick watching the Arizona Diamond Backs practice for spring training.  They were doing drills and strategizing different plays.  We found it quite fascinating, especially to see the players up close and personal!

As we were standing, watching the pitchers throw their balls to the catchers, I noticed that an older man was signing a bat for a fan.

When he was finished, he came toward us.  “Are you having fun?” he asked.

“Yes, this is great,” I said. As he spoke with my husband and son, I quickly ran back to the guy with the signed bat and asked him who I was talking with.

“That’s the team’s owner,” he told me.

I ran back to my husband and son and started to tell the man that we love the Diamondbacks, which we do.  “We’re even from New York,” I told him.

“Really,” he said. “how did you get into the Diamondbacks?”

“By watching them on television and following them on the Internet,” I told him.

We asked him where the team store was and he took us into the corporate offices.  He was extremely nice and so accommodating.  I couldn’t believe that a team owner would be that nice to strangers.  But he was.

The more we spoke with him, the more I liked him.  If the owner is such a nice person than he sets the tone for the rest of the team.

“Can I take a photo of you?” I asked him.  Of course he agreed.  He gave me his card.

Boy, Ken Kendrik, Managing General Partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks is a real “stand up” guy!  I’m really glad I met him!

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  1. Jillian

    That’s really cool that he was very personable! 

  2. Lisa

    Very neat!

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