10 Foursquare Tips for Business Owners

1. Make sure that your entire staff understands what Foursquare is and knows about the special or the discounts.
2. Don’t limit your specials to just the Mayors!  Try to do something for everyone who checks in.
3. Keep changing specials up every month or every few months so that it entices people to keep coming back
4. Don’t offer something that doesn’t fit with your marketing strategy.  (When I went to the root canal specialists, he sent me away with a bag filled with a pen, notepaper, hard candy and a keychain.  It was random and didn’t fit.)
5. Make sure you promote yourself in all your networks and to your database so that people start to talk about your specials.
6. Never be salesy!  Being too pushy or too salesy is a turn off.
7. Don’t get involved in Foursquare unless you really want to engage with your customers.
8. Listen to your customers.  If they tell you that they are on Foursquare, get on Foursquare and do something.  (The other day, I was at the nail salon in my hometown and I told the owner that I checked in on Foursquare and wrote a nice comment about her and about the salon. She was thrilled but never followed through with anything beyond that.  She continues to use loyalty cards.)
9. Don’t think that because you have a service business you can’t do well on Foursquare.  Many businesses like post offices, television stations, real estate offices and even cities have done tremendous things on Foursquare!
10. Think creatively.  Do something that is totally different that will attract interest in your product, service or brand.

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  1. Jillian

    Retail business, stores and restaurants, should start really take advantage of what Foursquare has to offer.

  2. Lisa

    Great tips. 

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