Insights from Coach Denise, the Marathon Whisperer

Denise Sauriol

The mental strength and mindset essential for success in marathon training and on race day can be the deciding factor for an athlete’s performance. How can one discover delight in the process? If you’re a marathon enthusiast or aspiring to conquer the 26.2-mile distance, tune into this episode of Hilary Topper on Air – The Endurance Sports Edition, as Hilary speaks with Denise Sauriol, affectionately known as the Marathon Whisperer. With 29 years of marathon experience and an incredible record of 140 marathon finishes, including all seven continents, Denise has a wealth of wisdom to share.Denise talks with Hilary Topper about her Marathon training

About the Interview

Denise briefly introduces herself and shares some insights into her remarkable journey spanning nearly three decades and 140 marathons. Denise’s marathon journey doesn’t stop with her personal achievements. As a coach, she has guided thousands of runners, helping them accomplish their marathon dreams. Denise shares valuable strategies and techniques she employs to help her clients develop a positive and resilient mindset throughout their marathon journey. Denise sheds light on how she helps her clients appreciate their own accomplishments and maintain a healthy perspective on their progress. Learn also about her book, “Me, You & 26.2 – Coach Denise’s Guide to Get YOU to YOUR First Marathon“. Finally, Denise provides insights into how she supports her clients in staying motivated and overcoming obstacles throughout their marathon training. Denise shares practical tips and tricks to help her clients prepare physically and mentally for race day, ensuring a successful and enjoyable marathon experience.

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To learn more about Denise Sauriol, her book, and coaching services, visit So, if you’re ready to embark on your own marathon journey or seek guidance to reach your marathon goals, you’ll find valuable resources and inspiration through Denise, the Marathon Whisperer.